Where to get real estate leads?

For over 15 years now we have been developing major breakthroughs in what is being called ‘disruptive technology‘. This new technology is changing the way we interact online. The real estate vertical is incredibly competitive and dynamic, therefore it is important to remain ahead of the curve. A few of the advantages of our AILeadGen program are…

  • Instant Results – No waiting. You’ll see leads in your inbox immediately
  • Hands Off – Utilizing our own AI technology, leads are generated on autopilot
  • Qualified – By design all leads are highly qualified and screened
  • Verified – All contact details (including phone) are verified accurate
  • Exclusive – Leads are generated per REALTOR® per region. No competing.
  • Affordable – At just $99/mth REALTORS® all agree…NO ONE COMPARES!
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  • AILeadGen

why REALTORS® prefer us

Honest & Fair

Working with REALTORS® over the past 15+ years, we have become the trusted source for lead generation solutions.

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Zero Pressure

High pressure sales isn’t what we’re about. Our sales model comes with zero commitment or contracts.

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We deliver the highest quality of pre-screened leads to your inbox daily at a price anyone can afford.

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Results Driven AI

  • Standard
  • AILeadGen

Top 4 Best AI Benefits


By tapping the intelligence of AI we are given the limitless ability to continuously scale and improve our targeted custom audiences.


AILeadGen permits an unparalleled incoming lead flow of qualified leads to your inbox every single day, 7 days a week.


Scaling is easy. Whether it’s buyer or seller leads you are after, simply increase your ad spend and scale up to increase incoming lead flow.

Glengarry Leads

If coffee is only for closers then you need to get your hands on quality leads. Glengarry leads. You could be ABC (Always be Closing) 24/7

At just $99/mth...what are you waiting for?