What is AI?

meaning of AI

You might be wondering what exactly AI stands for and how it applies to generating leads…let me explain.

Over the past number of years lead generation strategies have come a long way. It has become necessary to capture as much details in as little time as possible all while remaining inside what we like to call “the comfort zone”.

While in the comfort zone no one is pushing anything or employing any old school gorilla marketing methods. It’s a very casual environment.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and is designed to emulate human behavior. By using AI in lead generation, we can comfortably remain in the comfort zone while extracting contact details and other information without raising any flags.

Did you know that the average attention span for a social media user is just 2.6 seconds? That’s not a lot of time to grab their attention let alone engage and extract any sort of meaningful data.

Enter AILeadGen…

We’ve incorporated the latest bot technology, coupled it with and incredibly intuitive and insightful AI module, and produced an unparalleled lead generation system unlike anything seen before.

Currently our AILeadGen system is capable of a plethora of tasks normally performed by outsourcing or bloated staffing. AILeadGen can generate and qualify leads on the fly, grab data including first/last name, email and phone numbers and even accept payments or qualify someone for a home mortgage. Heck we can even give you a home evaluation in 2mins!

AI technology is the future of lead generation and we recognize old school technologies like email marketing and even landing pages, are a dying breed.

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